Sunday, 28 October 2012

Eggs Benedict

Well, it was my version of Eggs Benedict, anyway ... toasted muffins, topped with thinly-sliced smoked ham and cheesy bechamel sauce. I sprinkled them with smoked paprika and served with a small pile of leaves, drizzled with balsamic glaze ... both more for colour than flavour, although actually the sweet and tangy salad gave the dish a delightful "lift".

We started having "brunch" on a Sunday morning (late) last week - our first week back from Corfu - and enjoyed it so much that I think we might make it a fairly regular event, ringing the changes and even trying out different things from time to time; this, for instance, was my first attempt at Eggs Benedict (which I did without any recipe or even knowing exactly what it should consist of!) but we will certainly have it again. Next time, I will use more (or stronger flavoured) ham and make the sauce a little thinner ... I'll also use less sauce, but I might stick with the salad garnish, even though the idea of lettuce for breakfast is a bizarre one!!

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